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The Story of Early Rolex GMT-Master II Replica Watches

Rolex GMT-Master II Replica Watches

The H34, H37 had Sectors or Scientific Dials that were clearly influenced from the Patek 130. Only one H37 reference is known from 1998 that doesn't use a Sector dial.Rolex GMT-Master II Replica Watches It also uses Roman numerals, sword hands, and does not have Roman numerals.

Tom Chng, founder of Singapore Watch Club, is the collector of this rare and beautiful H34 with Sector dial. It has luminous Arabic numerals and painted hands.

David Lim is the collector of this rose gold H40 with Arabic numerals and skeleton feuille hand. Also, it has an ultramarine lacquer dial with perlage pattern.

Michael Tay's white-gold H40 in white gold with Breguet numerals and skeleton feuille hand.

These early Hommage chronographs require that you be familiar with the following rules. These cases were available in sizes 40, 37, and 34 millimetres. They were made in precious metals with examples in palladium and white gold as well as rose and platinum. This is a traditional approach as Dubuis avoided more industrial or common metals like stainless steel and You can also keep the classic size of 40mm which is considered too large for a classic wristwatch.

Seven monopusher and seven two-pusher versions of the reference H40 were equally divided. Rolex GMT-Master II Replica Watches was not the only brand to create a Lemania 2310-based monopusher chronograph in this period.Rolex GMT-Master II fake Watches We love the two-pusher version, even though the monopusher is more distinctive due to its strong association with Patek 1463 Tasti Tondi.

You can also find different pusher layouts throughout the Hommage Chronographs. There is a regular layout (or two buttons), a monopusher (at two o’clock) and a monopusher (at three o’clock within the winding crown). The Hommage Chronographs that had the pusher integrated in the winding crown came in both 40mm and 37mm cases. However, the monopusher at 2 o'clock was only available in a 40mm case. There is evidence that the number of variants of H40 with the monopusher in the winding crown at two o’clock was only 19 instead of 28. There are examples in rose, white and palladium.Bell & Ross Replica Watches They also incorporate a different calibre (cal. 50, which seems to have the same movement architecture and Omega Calibre 33.3.

Rolex GMT-Master II Replica Watches created the Hommage chronographs in three sizes: 34mm, 37m, and 40mm. There are dials that are specifically designed for certain cases. 35mm and 37mm (H34mm and H37mm, respectively) use Sector or Scientific Dials that are influenced by the Patek 130 design.

Below is a list of all known Rolex GMT-Master II Replica Watches Hommage Chronograph configurations that have been on the market. This table is based on watches that have been sold at A Collected Man, Christie's, and Antiquorum. Duplicates have been removed. This will give you a glimpse of the many configurations that the Hommage Chronograph could have been used in.

The Sympathie Chronograph

The Hommage could be viewed as Dubuis following the traditional Swiss watchmaking rules, but the Sympathie was where he began to think outside of the box and push the boundaries a bit. This watch was unique with its square-shaped case and long lugs.

The Sympathie chronograph is only available in 37- and 34-millimetre cases, the only known white and rose gold ones being made. They have been produced in far fewer variations of dials than the Hommage chronographs. This is a list of all publicly available configurations, based on the same sources used in the Hommage Chronographs.

Sympathie was only available in two sizes: 34mm and 37mm. The Hommage came in 40mm.

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