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The Story of Early Rolex Submariner Replica Watches

Rolex Submariner Replica Watches

The Movement

Rolex Submariner Replica Watches' register chronographs are powered by either the Calibre RD 56 or the RD 65, which both use the venerable Lemania ebauche 2310. This chronograph movement was developed in 1942 by Lemania and Omega. Omega called their version the Calibre 321, also known as the movement that went on to the Moon.

The column wheel 2310 features a screwed balance and oscillates at 18,000 A/h. Today, watch brands are very proud of their ability to develop movements in-house. However, once upon a time it was considered best to have an ebauche made by highly skilled movement makers outsourced. You are more likely to do one thing well if you limit yourself to just one thing.Rolex Submariner Replica Watches Many collectors will look back fondly on the Patek Philippe perpetual clock chronographs, which were built on Lemania movements. Below you will see a striking similarity between the Hommage's and the Patek Philippe 397, which both use a Lemania 2310 Ebauche.

This is exactly what Dubuis wanted with these watches.hublot replica watches This is evident in his choice of ebauche and in the quality, style and finish he applied to these early models. He used the finishing techniques that made Patek Philippe movement so popular, such as Cotes de Geneve and mirror polishing. These finishing techniques were what helped Patek Philippe earn the Poincon de Geneve.

An H34 Chronograph's movement side (left) and a Patek Philippe 397 (right).

The Poincon De Geneve

The Geneva Seal was a certification that was not available to Patek Philippe watches at the time. It doesn't credence time accurately (that's why the Besancon Observatory certification) but instead the art of decorating a watch with finesse and skill. This is something Rolex Submariner Replica Watches has been proud of since its inception. It can be found on movements made by brands like Cartier, Chopard, Vacheron Constantin and Rolex Submariner Replica Watches.audemars piguet replica watches It is necessary to meet 12 criteria, which are very difficult for even the most skilled watchmakers. These criteria cover everything, from how the movement was created to its completion.

These are the technical requirements for the seal:

All parts must be done well. All steel parts should have smooth surfaces and polished angles. The slots and rims of screw heads should be polished.


* All parts of the movement must be set with polished holes and adorned with ruby jewels, including the escape wheel and going train.

Regulating system

* Pin the hairspring in a grooved plate with an earring stud that has a cap and collar rounded. Mobile studs allowed.

* Fitted or split indexes can be used with a holding system,Rolex Submariner fake Watches except for extra-thin ones where it is not necessary.

* Balance with radius or variable Gyration regulation systems are permitted.


* The going train's wheels must be chamfered both above and below,Tissot Replica and have a polished sink. A single chamfer on the bridge side is permitted for wheels less than 0.15mm thick.

* Polishing is required for wheel assemblies.


* The escape wheel must be lightweight, no more than 0.16mm in large calibres, and 0.13mm for smaller calibres. Its locking-faces should be polished.

* The angle of the pallet lever must be restricted by fixed banking walls, not pins and studs.

Protection from Shock

* Acceptable for shock protected movements

Winding Mechanism

* Ratchet and crown wheels should be completed in accordance to registered patterns.


* Wire springs cannot be used.

These movements were placed in an exclusive club for 1995 after they ticked all the boxes. This level of finishing is possible due to their smaller production numbers, which allowed them to spend more time on each part.

The Besancon Observatory tested finished watches while the COSC standard movement testing was done. This is a clear indication that Dubuis & Dias were trying out to beat their competition

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